Despite the photos of old gramophones, all the records in the podcast have been transferred using modern equipment, with careful attention to correct equalization. Most of the transfers have been noise reduced using ClickRepair and DeNoise by Brian Davies.
Berliner Gramophone
OF 78s

A monthly podcast featuring 78rpm records from my collection, including music-hall comedians, operatic vocals, spoken word, jazz, dance bands and unusual recordings: available both in a plain audio (MP3) version, and an enhanced (MP4) version with illustrations.

Later episodes

Episode 10 (5 April 2007)

American performers: Billy Jones and Ernest Hare, Laurel and Hardy, Frank Crumit and Dwight Fiske.

The file is 11.7MB and the recording lasts 17m 00s.

Episode 9 (1 March 2007)

Records inspired by contemporary events, from Harry Roy, Russell Hunting, Ernest Gray and Florence Desmond.

The file is 10.5MB and the recording lasts 15m 18s.

Episode 8 (1 February 2007)

British music-hall comedians Clarkson Rose, Billy Merson and Will Hay.

The file is 11.1MB and the recording lasts 16m 06s.

Episode 7 (1 January 2007)

British dance bands: The Savoy Havana Band, Al Bowlly with Arthur Lally, Jack Payne and Jay Whidden.

The file is 10.3MB and the recording lasts 14m 57s.

Episode 6 (1 December 2006)

Operatic recordings by Titta Ruffo, Richard Tauber, Elisabeth Schumann (singing and whistling!) and Theodore Chaliapine.

The file is 11.2 MB and the recording lasts 16m 13s.

Episode 5 (1 November 2006)

Jazz from Ted Lewis, Clarence 'Pine Top' Smith, Benny Goodman and Jelly-Roll Morton.

The file is 9.5MB and the recording lasts 13m 52s

Episode 4 (2 October 2006)

Music-hall comedians Charlie Higgins, Nellie Wallace and George Robey.

The file is 10.1MB and the recording lasts 14m 42s.

Episode 3 (1 September 2006)

Victorian and Edwardian parlour songs, sung by Harry Dearth; Amelita Galli-Curci; and Peter Dawson, who sings 'Asleep in the Deep'.

The file is 9.9MB and the recording lasts 14m 21s.

Episode 2 (7 August 2006)

Music-hall performers: John Henry, George Lashwood, and Robb Wilton performing his classic 'Fire Station' sketch.

The file is 10.1MB and the recording lasts 14m 40s.

Episode 1 (13 July 2006)

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Dan Leno and Enrico Caruso.

The file is 10MB and the recording lasts 14m 36s.

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