Despite the photos of old gramophones, all the records in the podcast have been transferred using modern equipment, with careful attention to correct equalization. Most of the transfers have been noise reduced using ClickRepair and DeNoise by Brian Davies.
Berliner Gramophone
OF 78s

A monthly podcast featuring 78rpm records from my collection, including music-hall comedians, operatic vocals, spoken word, jazz, dance bands and unusual recordings: available both in a plain audio (MP3) version, and an enhanced (MP4) version with illustrations.

Later episodes

Episode 20 (1 February 2008)

Foreign recordings in Hungarian, Maori, Japanese, Balinese, Hawaiian and Mandarin Chinese.

The file is 10.3MB and the recording lasts 14m 59s.

Episode 19 (1 January 2008)

Music-Hall comedy from Gracie Fields, Milton Hayes, Charlie Higgins, and 'vocal mime' from Betove.

The file is 9.7MB and the recording lasts 14m 09s.

Episode 18 (3 December 2007)

Jazz from Caspar Reardon, Cab Calloway, Hoagy Carmichael and digitally restored Glenn Miller.

The file is 9.9MB and the recording lasts 14m 21s.

Episode 17 (1 November 2007)

Records not intended for commercial sale - messages, private recordings and BBC fill-ups - and a competition.

The file is 10.8MB and the recording lasts 15m 41s.

Episode 16 (1 October 2007)

Music-Hall comedy from Harry Fay, Tom Clare, Tommy Handley and Elsie & Doris Waters ('Gert & Daisy').

The file is 11.1MB and the recording lasts 16m 06s.

Episode 15 (1 September 2007)

British Dance Bands: Percival Mackey, Jack Hylton, Jack Payne, and Henry Hall's famous recording of the Teddy Bear's Picnic.

The file is 10.3MB and the recording lasts 14m 59s.

Episode 14 (1 August 2007)

Early recordings from 1897 to 1903, including Arthur Pryor, Albert Chevalier, H. Scott Russell and Edvard Grieg.

The file is 12.2MB and the recording lasts 17m 45s.

Episode 13 (1 July 2007)

Music-hall comedians Tom Leamore, Ben Albert, Harry Korris and Sandy Powell.

The file is 12.8MB and the recording lasts 18m 37s.

Episode 12 (4 June 2007)

Operatic recordings by Nellie Melba, Lauritz Melchior, Meta Seinemeyer and Mariano Stabile

The file is 11.9MB and the recording lasts 17m 18s.

Episode 11 (27 April 2007)

Spoken word recordings by John Barrymore, Bransby Williams, and John Gielgud and Edith Evans.

The file is 11.2MB and the recording lasts 16m 18s.

Previous episodes

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