Despite the photos of old gramophones, all the records in the podcast have been transferred using modern equipment, with careful attention to correct equalization. Most of the transfers have been noise reduced using ClickRepair and DeNoise by Brian Davies.
Berliner Gramophone
OF 78s

A monthly podcast featuring 78rpm records from my collection, including music-hall comedians, operatic vocals, spoken word, jazz, dance bands and unusual recordings: available both in a plain audio (MP3) version, and an enhanced (MP4) version with illustrations.

Later episodes

Episode 30 (1 December 2008)

An illustrated talk about the process of transferring 78rpm records.
I have also posted a related web article about
digital noise reduction.

The file is 11.1MB and the recording lasts 16m 08s.

Episode 29 (30 October 2008)

Gospel Music from the Rev. Gates, the Rev. Nix, Professor Johnson, The Southernaires and the Voices of Victory.

The file is 12.8MB and the recording lasts 18m 35s.

Episode 28 (30 September 2008)

Music-hall performers Charles Penrose, Naughton & Gold, Harry Champion and Gillie Potter.

The file is 11.4MB and the recording lasts 16m 38s.

Episode 27 (1 September 2008)

Classical pianists: Herman Wasserman, Vladimir de Pachmann, Leff Pouishnoff, and Wilhelm Backhaus.

The file is 11.7MB and the recording lasts 16m 59s.

Episode 26 (1 August 2008)

Jazz from The Original Dixieland Five, Wolverine Orchestra, The Mills Brothers, Joe Venuti, and The Cotton Pickers.

The file is 11.7MB and the recording lasts 16m 59s.

Episode 25 (28 June 2008)

Music-hall performers Florrie Ford in a sing-along, Ronald Frankau in a sardonic song, and Harry Tate in his famous 'Motoring' sketch.

The file is 11MB and the recording lasts 15m 59s.

Episode 24 (1 June 2008)

Little-known dance bands - 'house bands' from the Columbia, Dominion, Solex and Durium labels.

The file is 11.5MB and the recording lasts 16m 44s.

Episode 23 (4 May 2008)

Spoken Word records: a message from King George V, two poems from Edith Evans, and a short story from A.J.Alan.

The file is 10.4MB and the recording lasts 15m 06s.

Episode 22 (1 April 2008)

Music-Hall comedy: Betove, Ella Shields, Mabel Constanduros and Douglas Byng.

The file is 10.4MB and the recording lasts 16m 57s.

Episode 21 (3 March 2008)

Operatic 78s: duets and ensembles including Marcella Sembrich, Antonio Scotti, Enrico Caruso, Amelita Galli-Curci, Marcel Journet, Rosa Ponselle, Giovanni Martinelli, Elisabeth Schumann and Lauritz Melchior.

The file is 13MB and the recording lasts 18m 58s.

Previous episodes

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