The BBC at Bush House

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Tape recorders

Tape recording: there were no tape machines in studios up to the middle 1960s so all recording and editing was done in remote channels. This is recording channel E10, 12th November 1961 - two EMI BTR2s and linking console, complete with leader tape (had to be written on) and a bottle of smelly meths for head-cleaning. A 4 second exposure, which is why the clock appears to have no second-hand. We all spent many hours in these poky channels. However the BRT2 was an excellent machine to edit on, much faster than any subsequent design. The loudspeaker is an LSU/10 - 15 inch Tannoy speaker and a Lorenz tweeter driven by a 12 watt Leak valve amplifier: reasonably flat to 10kHz and capable of a surprising amount of volume.

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