Those who knew me during our working lives at the BBC may perhaps feel that I am becoming cynical in my old age. If so, you don't have to look far for the reasons. I was born in 1942, so I don't actually remember there being a war, but I grew up in its aftermath - rationing, the mean-minded 1950s and the '13 years of Tory misrule'. I remember the Cuba missile crisis, the 'pound in your pocket', the Heath government with its rota power cuts then the four day week, Thatcher's frontal assault on social responsibility, the Falklands 'conflict', the Iran war, the decline in living standards for ordinary people, the geometric increase in corporate greed leading on to plain stealing from employees in the name of 'zero hours contracts' and so-called 'self employment' (and people actually being charged if they go sick); and now we have a country headed like the mythical lemmings* (who actually have more sense than Brexit leavers) into financial suicide by an unelected Prime Minister with no more idea what she's doing than the Downing Street cat; and the White House occupied by a retarded lying moronic sulky sociopath aided by a party prepared to accept any amount of psychotic behaviour as long as their profits aren't affected. And that's just the UK and USA.

Cynical? Perhaps.

*Lemmings don't commit suicide off cliffs. When Disney wanted to film this happening the camera crew simply pushed them off.