i-Phone Ad-vice In-verse

Do not lend your iPhone to your brother.
Your sister, your girl-friend, your dog or your mother.
As surely as one and one make up two
They will do something certain to spoil it for you.
They will set up a password they'll promptly forget
And have no idea how to help you reset.
You wouldn't dare lend them a toothbrush you own -
In heaven's name why would you lend them your phone?

And while we are on this, a point to expand -
It's dodgy to buy an iPhone second-hand.
It's amazing how many will buy, when they can,
In a bar, going cheap, from some dubious man.
All too often the phone has been locked with a PIN:
When you try to get started you cannot get in.
The person who locked can unlock in a tick,
But if you can't find them - you've just bought a brick.