Do you remember...

From time to time a post appears on Facebook inviting people to identify a 45rpm record centre from its silhouette, which supposedly only older people would recognize (though they are in fact still available). I can improve on that - how many people remember these once common items? -

BLUE BAG - a small bag containing a blue block or liquid, placed with your washing to whiten it before the availability of modern detergents. Also good for placing on wasp or bee stings (not both, I can’t remember which it is).

RATION BOOKS - used during World War 2 and for several years thereafter to ration food. Sweets were still rationed into the early 1950s if I remember correctly.

IDENTITY CARDS - simple cards issued during World War 2. I still have mine.

DOCTOR COLLIS BROWNE’S CHLORODYNE MIXTURE - a over-the-counter pain reliever containing laudanum (an alcoholic solution of opium), tincture of cannabis, and chloroform (!) - subsequently and unsurprisingly banned for safety reasons.

PEDOSCOPE - an X-ray machine used in shoe shops to let you see how well your feet fitted into the shoes. Banned for safety reasons.

MANGLE - a common household appliance for wringing out washing before spin dryers became available.

CASH ‘RAILWAY’ - an overhead wire along which small containers ran, used in shops to carry cash between the counter and the accountant.

LAMP-LIGHTER - a person going round the streets with a long pole turning the gas streetlights on at dusk. One of my neighbours did this for her nearest lamp and was paid a small stipend by the council for doing so.

WIND-UP GRAMOPHONE - listening to a symphony required not only changing the record every four minutes but winding up the spring.