This is not a blog

It looks like one. Indeed I’m using blog software for convenience, but it’s not going to be one of those regularly-updated ramblings we’re so familiar with. I ran a blog for several years - Wilmut’s World Wide Weblog - which I started principally to make myself familiar with blogging techniques. It was interesting to do for a time, but in the end updating it regularly became too much of a chore and I closed it in 2010.

So if this isn’t a blog, what is it? Occasionally I feel like writing something on a subject which isn’t covered by my other web pages on
technical notes, 78rpm records, photos or music-hall, but never get round to it because I would have to create an unconnected page. Using RapidWeaver’s blog software I can write when I feel like it, keeping the articles together, and this simplifies the whole process.

So I don’t promise to write frequently, and I can’t predict whether the results will be of much interest. The internet is cluttered with personal blogs which add nothing to human knowledge and which probably nobody reads. This may be just another one - but it’s not a blog.