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The tenth in a series of podcasts featuring 78rpm records

Billy Jones and Ernest Hare ('The Happiness Boys'): 'You Can't Walk Back from an Aeroplane' (Bibo, Friedlander).
American Columbia 1141-D, recorded 1927.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: 'Laurel and Hardy Themselves'.
Columbia DX-370, recorded in London, August 18th 1932.

Frank Crumit (accompanied by Frank Banta, piano): 'I Married the Boot-legger's Daughter' (Crumit)
HMV B 2170, recorded Camden, New Jersey, June 10th 1925.

Dwight Fiske: 'Ida, the Wayward Sturgeon'
36100, recorded New York, October 26th 1933.

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