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The 17th in a series of podcasts featuring 78rpm records

'Mivoice' sound recording: A.C.Marston sings 'The Policeman's Lot'
Six-inch copper(?) disk. Recording date unknown.

Message disk: Servicio Fonopostal.
8 inch flexible record made in Rosario, Argentina, 1944.

HMV Private Recording. 'The Slide', read by A. Neave Brayshaw.
12 inch standard pressing, ref. JG1. Recorded 28th March 1935

The Daily Mail Mystery Record (side 1) - ' 1950 for naming the artists'.
EMI RO100  recorded 1933
Click here to hear both sides and see the answers

'Forward the Fire Bomb Fighters' (edited excerpt)
The London Transcriptions PG170 - undated but presumably 1939/40

Bow Bells Interval Signal - BBC fill-up record.
BBC Library no. 2 A 23. Recording date not stated but pre-1940

Novachord Fillup - side 1 band 1
BBC Library no. 9842. Recorded 14th November 1946
(Performer not credited but is Charles Smart).

Opening Music for Light Programme - 'Oranges and Lemons' (arr. Spike Hughes)
BBC Theatre Orchestra conducted by Harold Lowe,
BBC Library no 10247 recorded 29th April 1947

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Roger Wilmut