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The 26th in a series of podcasts featuring 78rpm records.

The Original Dixieland Five: Original Dixieland One-Step (LaRocca, arr. J. Dale)
Nick LaRocca (cornet), Eddie Edwards (trombone), Larry Shields (clarinet), J. Russel Robinson (piano), Tony Sbarbaro (drums).
HMV B8648 recorded New York, 10 November 1936.

Wolverine Orchestra: Tiger Rag (La Rocca)
Bix Beiderbecke (cornet), Al Gande (trombone), Jimmy Hartwell (clarinet/alto sax), George Johnson (tenor sax), Dick Voynow (piano), Bob Gillette (banjo), Min Leibrook (brass bass), Vic Moore (drums).
Brunswick 02205 recorded Richmond, Indiana, 20 June 1924.

The Mills Brothers: The Old Man Of The Mountain (Brown, Young).
'(Novelty Quartet, with Guitar acc.) No musical instruments or mechanical devices used on this recording other than one guitar.'
Brunswick 1346 recorded Chicago, early June 1932.

Joe Venuti and his Orchestra: Flip (Venuti)
Glenn Rohlfing, Bob Stockwell (trumpets); Charlie Dahlsten (trombone); Wayne Singer, Charlie Spero (also-sax); Clark Galehouse, Elmer Beechler (tenor sax); Joe Venuti (violin); Mel Grant (piano); Frank Victor (guitar); George Horvath (bass); Burrert Deems (drums).
Brunswick 02738 recorded New York, 25 January 1939.

The Cotton Pickers: Rampart Street Blues (Robinson)
Tommy Dorsey (trumpet), Glenn Miller (trombone), Jimmy Dorsey (clarinet), Arthur Schutt (piano), Perry Botkin (banjo), Joe Tarto (bass), Stan King (drums). (This personnel is taken from Brian Rust's discography and differs from that shown on the label, which wrongly refers to an earlier recording).

Brunswick 02508 recorded New York, 27 March 1929.

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