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The Sound of 78s: episode 1

Tiger Rag - One-Step (La Rocca): The Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Recorded March 25th, 1918, New York. Nick la Rocca (trumpet), Eddie Edwards (trombone), Larry Shields (clarinet), Henry Ragas (piano), Tony Sbarbaro (drums).
HMV B8466 (electrical dubbing, reissued 1936).

'Going To the Races': Dan Leno. Recorded late March, 1903. HMVC545 (reissue).

'O Souverain! O Juge! O Pére!' (Le Cid) (Massenet): Enrico Caruso.
Recorded 5th November 1916. HMV 2-032025.

The Sound of 78s: episode 2

John Henry: 'Joe Murgatroyd Says'
HMV B-2120 recorded August 31st 1924

George Lashwood: 'Send for A Policeman'
Zonophone 'Twin' 162, recorded June 23rd 1909

Robb Wilton with Florence Palmer: 'The Fire Station'
Sterno 833, recorded 24th September 1931

The Sound of 78s: episode 3

'My Old Shako' (Trotère), sung by Mr. Harry Dearth
HMV D211 recorded c. 1st November 1922

'The Gypsy and the Bird' (Benedict), sung by Amelita Galli-Curci
Flute obbligato by Clement Barone.
HMV DA 928 recorded 1928

'Asleep In The Deep' (Petrie) sung by Peter Dawson
with Orchestra and Male Quartet
HMV B 3542 (2 sides) recorded 16th June 1930

The Sound of 78s episode 4

Charlie Higgins: 'Charlie Makes Whoopee' (Hargreaves)
assisted by Bert Bray
Broadcast 936 recorded c. January 1933

Nellie Wallace: 'Mother's Pie Crust' (Wallace)
HMV B 3683 recorded 16th October 1930

George Robey: 'The Barrister' (Edgar and Pether)
HMV C 550 recorded c. December 1915

The Sound of 78s episode 5

Ted Lewis Jazz Band: 'Bo-La-Bo' (Egyptian Fox-Trot) (Fairman)
Regal G7533 (as 'Novelty Jazz Band) recorded January 12, 1920, New York
Walter Kahn (clarinet), Harry Raderman (trombone), Ted Lewis (clarinet/alto sax), Ernie Cutting (piano), John Lucas (drums)

Clarence 'PineTop' Smith: 'PineTop's Boogie-Woogie' (Smith)
Brunswick 03600 recorded December 29, 1928, Chicago

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra: 'Bach Goes To Town' (Templeton)
HMV B-8879 recorded December 15, 1938, New York

Jelly-Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers: 'Georgia Swing' (Morton)
HMV B-9221 recorded June 11, 1928, New York
Ward Pinkett (trumpet), Geechie Fields (trombone), Omer Simeon (clarinet), Jelly Roll Morton (piano), Lee Blair (banjo), Bill Benford (tuba), Tommy Benford (drums).

The Sound of 78s: episode 6

Titta Ruffo (1877-1953), baritone
Carmen (Bizet): Con voi ber, affe mi fia caro (Toreador Song)(sung in Italian)
HMV DB 406 (reissue of 052249) recorded 1908

Richard Tauber (1891-1948), tenor
The Tales of Hoffmann (Offenbach) - The Legend of Kleinsach (sung in German)
Parlophone-Odeon PXD 1033 recorded 19 June 1928

Elisabeth Schumann (1885-1952), soprano
Der Vogelhändler (Zeller) - Wie mein Ahnl zwanzig Jahr! (sung in English)
HMV E552 recorded 17th February 1930

Theodore Chaliapine (1873-1938), bass
Faust (Gonoud) - Vous qui faites l'endormie
HMV DB1437 recorded 1931

The Sound of 78s episode 7

The Savoy Havana Band: 'Bam Bam Bammy Shore' (R. Henderson)
Vocal by Cyril Ramon Newton
HMV B 2186 recorded Hayes, Middlesex, 5 November, 1925

Arthur Lally and his Orchestra: 'We've Got The Moon And Sixpence' (Grey, Levant)
Vocal by Al Bowlly
Decca F 3066 recorded London, 23 July 1932

Jack Payne and his BBC Dance Orchestra: 'Between Devil And the Deep Blue Sea' (Benson)
Vocal by Jack Payne according to the label, but may in fact be Val Rosing
Columbia CB 232 recorded London, 27 January 1931

Jay Whidden and his New Midnight Follies Band from the Hotel Metropole:
'Let's All Go To Mary's House' (Charleston Fox-Trot)(Conrad & Wood)
Vocal by Jay Whidden
Columbia 4130 recorded London, 12 August 1926

The Sound of 78s episode 8

Clarkson Rose: 'Ee, By Gum' (Flynn)
Zonophone 5359, recorded Hayes, Middlesex, 15 March 1929

Billy Merson: 'The Gondolier' (Merson)
Metropole 1002, recorded London, c. February 1928

Will Hay and his Scholars: 'The Fourth Form at St. Michael's' (Hay)(2 sides)
Columbia 5695, recorded London, February 8 1929.

The Sound of 78s episode 9

Harry Roy and his Orchestra: 'God Bless You, Mr. Chamberlain'
Parlophone F1597 recorded 24th November 1939

Mr. Russell Hunting: 'Departure of a Troopship - Descriptive scene at Southampton Docks' (assisted by the Gramophone Band)
Gramophone Concert Record G.C.-2-108 recorded late 1904 or early 1905.

Ernest Gray: 'Stand To Your Post' (B.Scott)
The Winner 2144, recorded 1912

Florence Desmond: 'A British Mother's Big Flight (Gladys on the Air)' (A.P.Herbert)
From the revue 'Streamline'.
HMV B-8823, recorded 25th September 1934

The Sound of 78s episode 10

Billy Jones and Ernest Hare ('The Happiness Boys'): 'You Can't Walk Back from an Aeroplane' (Bibo, Friedlander).
American Columbia 1141-D, recorded 1927.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: 'Laurel and Hardy Themselves'.
Columbia DX-370, recorded in London, August 18th 1932.

Frank Crumit (accompanied by Frank Banta, piano): 'I Married the Boot-legger's Daughter' (Crumit)
HMV B 2170, recorded Camden, New Jersey, June 10th 1925.

Dwight Fiske: 'Ida, the Wayward Sturgeon'
36100-B, recorded New York, October 26th 1933.

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