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The Sound of 78s: episode 11

John Barrymore: 'Ay, Edward will use women honourably' (Henry VI part 3, Act III Scene 2: Shakespeare)
HMV DB1177, recorded April 13th 1928, New York

Bransby Williams: 'The Green Eye of the Yellow God' (Milton Hayes)
Columbia 388, recorded June 1913, London

John Gielgud and Edith Evans: excerpt from 'The Importance of being Earnest':
'Lady Bracknell interviews John Worthing' (Oscar Wilde)
HMV B8883 recorded 1938

The Sound of 78s episode 12

Nellie Melba (1861-1931), soprano
Le Roi D'Ys (Lalo): Aubade
Gramophone Company 03072 (lilac label) recorded July 1906

Lauritz Melchior (1890-1973), tenor
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg: Prize Song
HMV DB 1858 recorded 1932

Meta Seinemeyer (1895-1929), soprano
Liebesträume No.3 (Liszt)
Parlophone E 10901 recorded 1929

Mariano Stabile (1889-1968), baritone
Falstaff (Verdi): L'onore! Ladri!
Columbia LX 1081 recorded 1947

The Sound of 78s episode 13

Tom Leamore: 'Hi! Hi! HI!' (Leamore)
Panachord 25359-A recorded in London, 6th May 1932

Ben Albert: 'Three Ages of Women'
'The Twin' serial 40, recorded in London, c. January 1908

The Stars of 'Happidrome' in 'Let Me Tell You' series
No: 7 - 'Out In Indiah' (Eddie Latta)
Mr. Lovejoy (Harry Korris), Enoch (Robbie Vincent), Ramsbottom (Cecil Frederick)
Recorded in the Grand Theatre, Blackpool
Columbia FB2717 recorded 1941

Sandy Powell, assisted by 'Little Percy': 'The Lost Policeman'
Broadcast 429, recorded in London, c. May 20th 1929

The Sound of 78s episode 14

Mr. Arthur Pryor - 'There'll Come a Time' (trombone solo)
Berliner 3309 recorded New York, 27th July 1897

The 7th Ragtime Orchestra - 'The Circus Girl' (excerpt)
Berliner 87, recorded New York, date unknown, probably 1897

H. Scott Russell - 'The Old Brigade'
Berliner E2007 recorded London, 19th August 1898

Miss Harwood - 'Yum-Yum's song' from 'The Mikado' (Sullivan) (excerpt)
Berliner E3025 recorded London, 18th October 1898

Albert Chevalier - 'The Little Nipper' (excerpt)
Berliner 2239  recorded London, 30th December 1898

Miss Beatrice Hart and Chorus from Daly's - 'I'm A Naughty Girl' (excerpt)
Berliner 3078 recorded London, 18th January 1899

Messrs. Morton and Shepard - 'A Good Joke'
Berliner 1176 recorded London c. 1901 

Chas. Foster - 'Jolly Little Polly on a Tin Gee Gee'
Berliner 2675 recorded London, 13th February 1901

Edvard Grieg - 'Au Printemps' (To The Spring) (from 'Lyric Pieces' Op.43 no.6) (Grieg)
HMV D 803 (reissue of G&T 35510) recorded Paris, April/May 1903

The Sound of 78s episode 15

Percival Mackey's Band: 'I've never Seen A Straight Banana' (Waite)
Recorded London, November 22nd 1926
Columbia 4151

Jack Hylton & his Orchestra: 'My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies'
(Amberg, Raymond & Bernauer)
Recorded June 2nd 1931, Empire Theatre Liverpool
HMV B6024

Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orchestra: 'Sing Holly, Go Whistle, Hey Hey' (Hulbert & England)
Recorded London, February 17th 1931
Columbia CB232

Henry Hall & his Orchestra: 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' (Kennedy & Bratton)
Recorded London, September 28th 1932
Columbia FB2816 (re-issue of DB955)
Special vinyl pressing for BBC Engineering Department.

The Sound of 78s episode 16

Harry Fay: 'I'm Twenty-One Today' (Kendal)
Zonophone 729 recorded 1911.

Tom Clare: 'Where Does Daddy Go to?' (Searson & Gallatly)
Columbia 3978 recorded March 24th 1926

Tommy Handley: 'The Kerb Step' (Knox, Street, Young)
Piccadilly 505 recorded c. February 1930

Elsie and Doris Waters: 'Gert, Daisy and the Blackout' (E & D Waters)
Decca F 7281 recorded October 16th 1939.

The Sound of 78s episode 17

'Mivoice' sound recording: A.C.Marston sings 'The Policeman's Lot'
Six-inch copper(?) disk. Recording date unknown.

Message disk: Servicio Fonopostal.
8 inch flexible record made in Rosario, Argentina, 1944.

HMV Private Recording. 'The Slide', read by A. Neave Brayshaw.
12 inch standard pressing, ref. JG1. Recorded 28th March 1935

The Daily Mail Mystery Record (side 1) -' £1950 for naming the artists'.
EMI RO100  recorded 1933

'Forward the Fire Bomb Fighters' (edited excerpt)
The London Transcriptions PG170 - undated but presumably 1939/40

Bow Bells Interval Signal - BBC fill-up record.
BBC Library no. 2 A 23. Recording date not stated but pre-1940

Novachord Fillup - side 1 band 1
BBC Library no. 9842. Recorded 14th November 1946
(Performer not credited but is Charles Smart).

Opening Music for Light Programme - 'Oranges and Lemons' (arr. Spike Hughes)
BBC Theatre Orchestra conducted by Harold Lowe,
BBC Library no 10247 recorded 29th April 1947

The Sound of 78s episode 18

Caspar Reardon, his harp and his Orchestra: Tormented (Hudson)
Liberty Music Shop L193, recorded New York, 23 April 1936

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra: The Man from Harlem (Hudson)
Vocal by Cab Calloway
Rex 8924 recorded New York, 30 November 1932

Hoagy Carmichael (piano & vocal) with Artie Bernstein (bass) & Spike Jones (drums):
Hong Kong Blues (Carmichael)
Brunswick 03752 recorded Los Angeles, 11 May 1942

Glenn Miller and his Orchestra: In The Mood (Garland, Razaf)
HMV BD5565 recorded 1 August 1939

The Sound of 78s episode 19

Gracie Fields: 'Our Avenue' (Weston & Lee)
HMV B2733 recorded 24 May 1928

Milton Hayes: 'The Meanderings of Monty: The General Outlook and All That Sort Of Thing' (Hayes)
Columbia 3233 recorded 1 January 1923

Charlie Higgins: "When I Was Twenty-One' (Hargreaves)
Broadcast 918 recorded c. November 1932

'Betove' (Michel Maurice Lévy): 'Folies Musicales' (side 1)
Parlophone DP116 recorded c. December 1926

The Sound of 78s episode 20

'Ritka búza, ritka árpa' (Héteny-Heidlberg): Berkes Béla és cigányzenekara (Béla Berkes and his Gypsy Orchestra)
Hungarian Columbia OH15, date unknown, presumably late 1920s or 1930s.

'Waiata Poi': Ana Hato with piano accompaniment
Parlophone R3557, recorded at Rotorua, New Zealand, during the visit of the Duke & Duchess of York, 1927.

'Haka (War Cry)'
Parlopone R3557 as above (part side)

'Entering Formosa' (traditional): Chikufu Tahanine (excerpt)
Orient A998, date unknown, probably early 1920s.

'Song of soldiers in a Trench': Akira Sasaki (excerpt)
Japanese Columbia 29712, date unknown - probably during World War 2.

Djangér (Dance): 'Putih putih saput anduk' (excerpt)
Parlophone MO106, 'Music of the Orient' series no. 14 recorded in 1930s.

'Tomi, Tomi': Kanui & Lula (excerpt)
Parlophone R1614 published 1933

'Méigui méigui wǒ ài nǐ' (aka 'Rose, Rose, I Love You')(Chen Gexin): 'Miss Hue Lee' (Yao Lee)
Columbia DB2837 (UK), recorded in Shanghai, 1940.

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