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The Sound of 78s episode 21

Don Paquale (Donizetti): 'Pronto lo son'
Marcella Sembrich (soprano) & Antonio Scotti (baritone)
HMV VB29  (054074) Victor recording, 14th March 1906

Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): 'Chi mi frena' (Sextet)
Enrico Caruso (tenor), Amelita Galli-Curci (soprano), Minnie Egener (contralto), Giuseppe De Luca (baritone), Marcel Journet (bass), Angelo Bada (tenor).
HMV DQ100 (2-054067) Victor recording, 1917

Il Trovatore (Verdi): 'Miserere, d'un'alma già vicina' (Miserere)
Rosa Ponselle (soprano) & Giovanni Martinelli (tenor) with the Metropolitan Opera House Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Giulio Setti.
HMV DB1199 Victor recording, 1928

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Wagner): 'Selig, wie die Sonne' (Quintet)
Elisabeth Schumann (soprano), Lauritz Melchior (tenor), Friedrich Schorr (baritone), Gladys Parr (contralto), Ben Williams (tenor) with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Barbirolli
HMV D2002 recorded 16th May 1931

The Sound of 78s episode 22

'Betove' (Michel Maurice Lévy): 'Folies Musicales' (side 2)
Parlophone DP116 recorded c. December 1926

Ella Shields:  Burlington Bertie from Bow (Hargreaves)
Columbia 629 recorded August 1916

Mabel Constanduros assisted by Michael Hogan:
'Mrs. Buggins makes the Christmas Pudding'
Broadcast X.6 recorded October 1928

Douglas Byng: 'She May Be All That's Wonderful' (Wade)
Zonophone 5407 recorded 22 April 1929

The Sound of 78s episode 23

Empire Day Messages to the Boys and Girls of the British Empire
from His Majesty King George the Fifth and Her Majesty Queen Mary
HMV RE 284 recorded March 1923

Two excerpts from set 'The Voice of Poetry'
spoken by Edith Evans
Upon Westminster Bridge Wordsworth  Columbia DB 1855
You Are Old, Father William (Carroll)  Columbia DB 1958
recorded 1938

'Percy The Prawn' (Alan)
a short story read by A.J.Alan
Regal-Zonophone MR 1118 recorded 1933

The Sound of 78s episode 24

'Row, Row, Rosie' (Meyer & Bryan)
The Denza Dance Band (Earl Gresh and his Gangplank Orchestra)
Columbia 3743 recorded New York, 30 June 1925

'Tip-Toe Thro' The Tulips With Me' (Dubin, Burke)
The Brooklyn Broadcasters
Dominion A 233 recorded London, 1929/30.

'My Sweet Virginia' (Rose, Klages, Meskill)
The Durium Dance Band (pick-up group including Nat Gonella and Paul Fenoulhet, vocal by Al Bowlly)
Durium EN 9 recorded London, 1 April 1932

'Coo-ee' (Harden)
The All Star Orchestra
Solex AX 100 advertising record, date unknown - probably early 1930s.

'Now's the Time To Fall In Love' (Sherman, Lewis)
The Durium Dance Ensemble (Phil Spitalny's Music, vocal by Paul Small)
Durium EN 7 recorded New York, December 1931

The Sound of 78s episode 25

Florrie Forde: 'And Then - We Won't Go Home!' (Castling-Kennedy)
Imperial 2491 recorded London, May/June 1931

Ronald Frankau: 'Lady, be Bad?' (Frankau-Crick)
with Monte Crick at the piano
Parlophone R 2391 recorded London, 3 September 1937

Harry Tate & His Company: 'Motoring' (Tate)
Columbia 320 (2 sides) recorded London, c. August 1912

The Sound of 78s episode 26

The Original Dixieland Five: Original Dixieland One-Step (LaRocca, arr. J. Dale)
Nick LaRocca (cornet), Eddie Edwards (trombone), Larry Shields (clarinet), J. Russel Robinson (piano), Tony Sbarbaro (drums).
HMV B8648 recorded New York, 10 November 1936.

Wolverine Orchestra: Tiger Rag (La Rocca)
Bix Beiderbecke (cornet), Al Gande (trombone), Jimmy Hartwell (clarinet/alto sax), George Johnson (tenor sax), Dick Voynow (piano), Bob Gillette (banjo), Min Leibrook (brass bass), Vic Moore (drums).
Brunswick 02205 recorded Richmond, Indiana, 20 June 1924.

The Mills Brothers: The Old Man Of The Mountain (Brown, Young).
'(Novelty Quartet, with Guitar acc.) No musical instruments or mechanical devices used on this recording other than one guitar.'
Brunswick 1346 recorded Chicago, early June 1932.

Joe Venuti and his Orchestra: Flip (Venuti)
Glenn Rohlfing, Bob Stockwell (trumpets); Charlie Dahlsten (trombone); Wayne Singer, Charlie Spero (also-sax); Clark Galehouse, Elmer Beechler (tenor sax); Joe Venuti (violin); Mel Grant (piano); Frank Victor (guitar); George Horvath (bass); Burrert Deems (drums).
Brunswick 02738 recorded New York, 25 January 1939.

The Cotton Pickers: Rampart Street Blues (Robinson)
Tommy Dorsey (trumpet), Glenn Miller (trombone), Jimmy Dorsey (clarinet), Arthur Schutt (piano), Perry Botkin (banjo), Joe Tarto (bass), Stan King (drums). (This personnel is taken from Brian Rust's discography and differs from that shown on the label, which wrongly refers to an earlier recording).
Brunswick 02508 recorded New York, 27 March 1929.

The Sound of 78s episode 27

Herman Wasserman: 'Hedge Rose' (Schubert arr. Godowsky)
Dominion B13 recorded 1929

Vladimir de Pachmann: Etude in G flat Major Op.10 No.5 ('Black Keys') (Chopin) (with comments)
HMV DA 1302 recorded 1928

Leff Pouishnoff: Caprice in G Major (Paderewski)
Columbia 4829 recorded May 1927

Wilhelm Backhaus: Caprice Espagnole Op.37 (Moszkowski)
HMB DB 1130 recorded January 1928

The Sound of 78s episode 28

Charles Penrose: 'The Laughing Policeman' (Grey)
Regal G7816 (as 'Charles Jolly') recorded June 1922

Naughton and Gold: 'On Insurance'
Imperial 2367 recorded November 1930

Harry Champion: 'Don't Do It Again, Matilda' (Murray)
Columbia-Rena 1490 recorded c.May 1910

Gillie Potter: 'Mr. Potter Visits Southend'
Columbia 5067 recorded 1st October 1928

The Sound of 78s episode 29

The Rev. J.M.Gates: 'Need of Prayer'
Square M3 (re-issue) recorded May 1926

The Reverend A.W.Nix and his Congregation: 'The Black Diamond Express To Hell' (side 2)
Decca F9720 (reissue) recorded 23 April 1927

The Southernaires: 'Little David, Play On Your Harp'
American Decca 2857, recorded c.1939

Professor Johnson & his Gospel Singers: 'Give Me That Old Time Religion'
Vocalion V1013 recorded 1950

Voices of Victory: 'I'm Trusting In Jesus' (Peters, Allen)
Vocalion V1040 recorded 25 September 1953

The Sound of 78s episode 30

An illustrated talk about the process of transferring 78rpm records

Selection from 'The Geisha' (Jones) - side 1 (excerpt)
The New Mayfair Theatre Orchestra
HMV BD759 recorded 1939

'Abide With Me' (Liddle) sung by Madame Clara Butt (excerpt)
accompanied by Mr. Landon Ronald. Key C.
Gramophone 03179 recorded 1910

'The Old Superb' (Stanford) sung by Peter Dawson (excerpt)
with orchestra conducted by Clifford Greenwood.
HMV B4483 recorded 10 January 1933

'O Souverain! O Juge! O Père!' from 'Le Cid" (Massenet) (excerpt)
sung by Enrico Caruso
Gramophone 2-023025 recorded 1916

Scene from 'The Good Companions' (Priestly) (excerpt)
with John Gielgud and Adele Dixon
HMV C2288 recorded 9 October 1931

Albert Chevalier - 'The Little Nipper' (excerpt)
Berliner 2239  recorded London, 30th December 1898

'The Toy-Town Party' from 'Nippy' (Mayerl)
sung by Binnie Hale with Debroy Somers' band
Columbia DB349 recorded 27 November 1930

'Il était un roi de Thulé' from 'Faust' (Gonoud)
sung by Conchita Supervia
BIRS HMB 11 (Odéon unpublished) recorded 1932

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