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The first in an occasional series of podcasts featuring 78rpm records.

Tiger Rag - One-Step (La Rocca): The Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Recorded March 25th, 1918, New York. Nick la Rocca (trumpet), Eddie Edwards (trombone), Larry Shields (clarinet), Henry Ragas (piano), Tony Sbarbaro (drums).
HMV B8466 (electrical dubbing, reissued 1936

'Going To the Races': Dan Leno. Recorded late March, 1903. HMVC545 (reissue).

'O Souverain! O Juge! O Pére!' (Le Cid) (Massenet): Enrico Caruso.
Recorded 5th November 1916. HMV 2-032025.

4m 36s: 10MB

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