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The fifth in a series of podcasts featuring 78rpm records

Ted Lewis Jazz Band: 'Bo-La-Bo' (Egyptian Fox-Trot) (Fairman)
Regal G7533 (as 'Novelty Jazz Band) recorded January 12, 1920, New York
Walter Kahn (clarinet), Harry Raderman (trombone), Ted Lewis (clarinet/alto sax), Ernie Cutting (piano), John Lucas (drums)

Clarence 'PineTop' Smith: 'PineTop's Boogie-Woogie' (Smith)
Brunswick 03600 recorded December 29, 1928, Chicago

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra: 'Bach Goes To Town' (Templeton)
HMV B-8879 recorded December 15, 1938, New York

Jelly-Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers: 'Georgia Swing' (Morton)
HMV B-9221 recorded June 11, 1928, New York
Ward Pinkett (trumpet), Geechie Fields (trombone), Omer Simeon (clarinet), Jelly Roll Morton (piano), Lee Blair (banjo), Bill Benford (tuba), Tommy Benford (drums).

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Roger Wilmut