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The thirteenth in a series of podcasts featuring 78rpm records

Tom Leamore: 'Hi! Hi! HI!' (Leamore)
Panachord 25359-A recorded in London, 6th May 1932

Ben Albert: 'Three Ages of Women'
'The Twin' serial 40, recorded in London, c. January 1908

The Stars of 'Happidrome' in 'Let Me Tell You' series
No: 7 - 'Out In Indiah' (Eddie Latta)
Mr. Lovejoy (Harry Korris), Enoch (Robbie Vincent), Ramsbottom (Cecil Frederick)
Recorded in the Grand Theatre, Blackpool
Columbia FB2717 recorded 1941

Sandy Powell, assisted by 'Little Percy': 'The Lost Policeman'
Broadcast 429, recorded in London, c. May 20th 1929

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Roger Wilmut