The Song of the Flea

Text by Goethe, translated into Russian by Strugovshchkov. English singing translation from the Peter Dawson recording, translator uncredited.

Once, long ago, a King lived
Who had such a fine fat flea
....a flea .....a flea

And cherished him as dearly
As though a son were he.
Ha ha ha... a flea ...a flea

He sent for his own tailor
Who came to court in haste
"Now cut my flea a doublet
And cloth him in good taste... in very good taste."
...a flea ...a flea ...a flea of taste!

Our flea is dressed in velvet
And silks of golden hue
A ribbon o'er his shoulder
A jewelled order too...
...a flea! ...a flea!

A minister they made him
A diamond star he wore
And all his poor relations
Got orders galore...

The courtiers, male and female,
They were no longer gay.
The queen and all her ladies
Were pestered night and day, ha ha!

To scratch they were forbidden,
They had to bear the prick.
But we, when we are bitten
Know how to scratch... and kick!