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8th series

8/1 4-11-73 (9-9-73)
'Whoops! Not In Front Of The Buses...' ; David Hatch v. the BBC Controller ; How did the Angus Prune Tune Go? ; Since the last series ; Latest in Pop music, including A String Of Pearls ; Latest in Topical Satire, including The Kaiser Song ; The Terrapin Song ; Prune Playtime - Lawrence Of Arabia On Ice and Scott of the Sahara.

8/2 11-11-73 (23-9-73)
Boring Quiz ; Terrapin joke ; Phone-in comedy programme - 'So You Think You've Got A Feed-Line' ; Prune Forum ; A Kick In The Arts ; The Twerp Special ; Country-and-Western programme, including Cactus In My Y-Fronts ; Prune Playhouse - Jack The Ripper.

8/3 18-11-73 (23-9-73)
Stereo - famous programmes on one channel only ; Prune's alternative to Radio 1 ; Sick Man's Blues ; Star Trek.

8/4 25-11-73 (11-11-73)
S.O.S. Announcement ; Audio Porno Fair - Masochists' Rag ; Prune Play - The Search for the Source of the Nile.

8/5 2-12-73 (11-11-73)
Miss United Prune ; Mary Whitehouse joke ; Radio Prune Festival of Light ; Prune Symphony Orchestra - up-to-date Toy Symphony ; Prune Productions - Song of the South, including Rust.

8/6 9-12-73 (20-11-73)
Election results ; Radio Prune's new programmes, including Watergate Tape ; Nappy Love ; Oklahoma!

8/7 16-12-73 (25-11-73)
The Royal Family (after Steptoe) ; Radio Prune - Wedding of the Year Show - It's A Cock-Up! - Russell Harty Plus ; Alice In Wonderland.

8/8 23-12-73 (25-11-73)
Ministerial Broadcast ; Nursery Memories (Cleese solo), resulting in Cleese defecting to Radio Terrapin - Cooking/Gardening/Sport - Eddie Waring Impersonation - Three years later - Radio Hatch takes over; Bring Back Brian Clough ; Ice Cubes Down My Cleavage, or, The Coldtitz Story.


25th Anniversary Show 25-12-88 (not known) running time c.55 minutes
Prologue by David Hatch; How it all started; BBC governors; Spring,Spring,Spring; Recycled radio; Tracing the writers; John & Mary; Tracing Tim Brooke; Taylor-Prune Playhouse; End of radio; Silly walk; Cleese buys BBC radio; Ferret Song (sung by John Cleese with cast as chorus).
(Thanks to Jim Trenfield for the information.)

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