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Running Orders

The shows are listed in chronological order (including "Cambridge Circus" and the preparatory series) with series/number reference, transmission date, and recording date (in brackets).

The titles given are not necessarily 'official', but are intended to facilitate identification of the sketch. The songs (usually written and performed by Bill Oddie) are underlined. Some monologues are identified by performer, who is not necessarily the same as the writer.

30-12-63 (12-11-63)
CAMBRIDGE CIRCUS - extracts from the Cambridge Footlights 1963 revue; with Humphrey Barclay, John Cleese, David Hatch, Bill Oddie, Graham Chapman, Jo Kendall, Tim Brooke-Taylor.
BBCBC (Biblical news); Asia-vision song contest - Pop Song ; Oscar Wilde take-off ; Stage-door keeper (Oddie solo) ; Jazz Song - 'Millicent' (Kendall) ; Elizabethan Music-hall ; Football results ; John and Mary - Malaya ; On Her Majesty's Service ; Judge Not.

I'M SORRY I'LL READ THAT AGAIN - preparatory series with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Anthony Buffery, John Cleese, David Hatch, Jo Kendall & Bill Oddie.

P/1 3-4-64 (17-3-64)
The Bishop of Dorking ; Top of the Form ; Jack and the Beanstalk ; Inward Bound ; Cricket ; Along Came Jim (Kendall song) ; News and weather ; Fritz and his performing hamsters ; Wine tasting ; Summat oop in t'loom room ; Horrible hairy spiders ; Bank manager ; Transport Song.

P/2 10-4-64 - (24-3-64)
English lesson ; Intellectual ; Apres-ski ; Whistle A Happy Tune ; Which way to Munich? ; Meek week ; Pillar of salt ; Perry Como ; Traffic Island Song ; German Satire ; Scrapbook for Nineteen-Thirty-Foot.

P/3 17-4-64 (10-3-64)
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off ; Big Race ; Country And Western ; Vetted ; Cabinet interview ; Farmyard impersonations (Buffery solo) ; Secret Service ; Safari Time ; Westphalia ; Headmaster.

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