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The shows are listed in chronological order of original transmissions, with series/number reference. transmission date, number in order of recording (in brackets) and date of recording (also in brackets). For the first three series, the order of shows was altered after recording so as to provide a better balanced series as transmitted. A very few sketches were transferred to a different show during the editing. Some shows have a a title for the whole show; these titles are underlined.

It will readily be understood that compiling running orders for 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' is rather like trying to make a set of engineering drawings for a surrealist painting. Consequently the details given below are not really titles in the conventional sense, but are intended to give an indication of what the item is about. Also, since items frequently spill over into each other, it should not be assumed that separate titles indicate quite separate sketches

The principal animated links have been indicated by an asterisk: only occasionally has it been possible to give a title, as the animations are even more surrealist than the sketches, and indeed the studio scripts rapidly abandon the attempt to describe them and merely indicate the footage.

The shows are written and performed by: Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle and John Cleese (not 4th series). Animations and occasional appearances by Terry Gilliam. Carol Cleveland and Connie Booth appear in a number of shows.

1st series

2nd series

3rd series

4th series

Cinema films