The BBC at Bush House

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We made our studio desks last a very long time. This is an OBA/8 - pre-war outside broadcast equipment, installed in Bush in a hurry early in the war and still in use 30 years later - this photo of S11 was taken in January 1969. Very limited facilities: no transmission talkback, and passive mixing, so that opening a fader reduces the level on any other faders open at the time. However there was a very low noise level from the main amplifier. The taller panel at the extreme left is a late addition to provide tape monitoring switching, a primitive meter for tape monitoring, and a stopwatch. The cubicle mic is also an addition - originally these were mostly ST&C 4038s (as in the studio) or the older AXBTs, slung over the grams (to enable you to make the announcement then start a signature tune).

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