Computer and keyboard

'Rich Buddy Blues' (the title is a tribute to bandleader and master drummer Buddy Rich) was constructed as an experiment in Apple's 'GarageBand' music program: it's a fast 12-bar blues, somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Apple Loops were used for the drums, guitar and brass backing: the remaining tracks - software organ, bass, sax, clarinet, trumpet and trombone - were played on an Evolution MK149 keyboard (the organ was played on a Yamaha digital piano - used only as a MIDI keyboard - because it has the full 88 keys). Some of the instruments are included with Garageband, some are QuickTime instruments (accessed through an add-on program) and a couple are separate SoundFonts (playable instrumental sounds as importable files).

I don't claim it's a musical masterpiece - the sax in particular (Coleman Hawkins it isn't) - but it is an interesting demonstration of what can be achieved with what is a quite cheap music program.

3 mins 2 secs, 4.2MB (stereo)


Roger Wilmut