Silly Season (1)

This time of year used to be known as the 'silly season' in the newspaper business, because there wasn't any real news going on and papers tended to be filled with insignificant and sometimes plain daft stories. This year there's quite a lot of news, but my life is being fairly quiet, so this blog is going to indulge in a few instances of silliness, taking advantage of its author's research into music-hall and thus Old Jokes.

'Are your relatives in business?'
'Yes - in the iron and steel business'
'Oh, indeed?'
'Yes - me mother irons and me father steals'

'If I had a rabbit in a hutch, and I bought another rabbit, how many rabbits would I have?'
'Why, two, of course' 'No, ten'
'You don't know your arithmetic'
'You don't know my rabbits'

'My sister went to India and came back a princess.'
'Oh, that's nothing, my sister went to Egypt and came back a mummy.'


Posted: Thu - July 30, 2009 at 09:11 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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