To blog or not to blog

Does the world really need yet another blog? Probably not: but I thought I would like to have a go at blogging just for the experience as it has become a major part of the internet in the last couple of years. I started my web site in 1998 for about the same reason, and it's still running. Of course the difference with a blog is the need to post reasonably frequently, and of having something worthwhile to say (though I notice that doesn't deter some people)...

Part of the inspiration for trying this came from seeing the weblog run by my ex-colleague Euan Semple, who I worked with when he was a BBC Studio Manager and is now an IT consultant. He manages to post something nearly every day: I'm not sure I can find something to say that often but I will try to post at least once or twice a week if I can.

Since I realise that many of my friends, and perhaps some other readers who may find this blog, may be new to the concept of weblogs it occurred to me to write a simple guide to weblogs for their benefit.

So this blog is something of an experiment. Let's see where it goes.

Posted: Thu - May 4, 2006 at 08:42 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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