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From the mid 1970s onwards, when I was writing books and working full-time for the BBC, I scrupulously observed the then staff regulation that I should not mention the BBC in connection with my writing (which is fair enough). However since then my connection with the BBC has been mentioned on a few other sites, so I can now admit to it.

Bush House I joined the BBC in 1961 as a Technical Operator in the Control Room at Bush House (right), from where the BBC World Service is broadcast in numerous languages. In 1968 I became a Studio Manager (sound mixing): I took early retirement in 1995 and since then have been doing the odd day here and there on a casual basis. So I've seen the change from disk and tape recording through to the modern computerized systems now used throughout the BBC for sound recording, and the change from short-wave broadcasting to satellite relays and internet broadcasting.

As it happens the BBC has recently issued new guidelines for staff who run weblogs (and admit to being staff) which are detailed in this weblog , and with which I would obviously wish to comply. Now I hardly need to say this, but anything in my weblog is my opinion and nothing whatever to do with the BBC. And there will be no BBC gossip - maybe one or two old stories, but I shan't be discussing the BBC's present-day internal affairs, for obvious reasons.

I have to say that the BBC's attitude to the internet has been quite enlightened from the start. Many firms forbid their staff to surf the net in the firm's time; but when the permanent BBC connection to the internet was installed some twelve years or so ago staff were actually encouraged to make use of it (within sensible limits) because the BBC foresaw the coming importance of the internet and wanted their staff to become familiar with it.

Download a Google Earth placemark for Bush House

Posted: Mon - May 8, 2006 at 08:48 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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