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R ecently I've been digitizing my collection of photographic negatives - not only mine, but also my father's and my grandfather's (on my mother's side) - several hundred of them. Many of them have no identification, so I shall be posting some of them here in the hope that someone can identify them, as well as some which I can identify and seem interesting. My grandfather's pictures date back to 1908, though they are mostly of family members: many are on glass plates; my father's to 1927 and mine to 1953.

Ornamental lake

My grandfather took this photo in the 1920s: it's on a quarter-plate glass negative. The only information, from a print in an album (and its grouping with other photos), suggests that it is in Kent, or at least South-East England. If anyone can identify it, please use the comment or feedback link to let me know.

UPDATE: This has now been identified as the feature which used to be at one end of the lake in the grounds of Kearsney Abbey, Temple Ewell (a village near Dover).

Click here to see a large version of the picture .

Lots more photos to come: they will also appear in the Photo Album .

Posted: Thu - May 11, 2006 at 08:26 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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