Afsluitdijk (Ijsselmeer), Holland, August 1935

Here for a change is one of my grandfather's pictures that I do know the location of. It was taken in Holland in August 1935 and shows the Afsluitdijk, the huge dyke that isolated what was the Zuyder Zee from the sea. It was completed in 1932, and is over 32km long. The cyclists give an idea of the scale.The photo was taken looking southeast from the tower in the middle (which can be seen clearly on Google Earth): on the right is the sea, and the water level is visibly lower on the left. At this time the inland lake formed by the dyke (the Ijsselmeer) was still salt, though it is now freshwater.

Click here to see a large version of this photo

Wikipedia article on the dyke

Download a Google Earth placemark for the dyke's central tower.

Posted: Sun - May 28, 2006 at 08:20 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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