45 years and counting

Although I took early retirement as a BBC Studio Manager at Bush House 11 years ago, I still do around one day a week on a casual basis. I've just got back from doing a shift today: which is also the 45th anniversary of my joining the BBC on September 25th 1961 (at the age of 19). This probably gives me the longest operational service in the BBC (cheating slightly by counting both the full-time employment and the casual work since then) - at least one of my colleagues who retired recently has done more actual shifts, because although he came slightly later he worked full-time right through to 60, but I doubt if anyone can match the length as opposed to the amount of service.

Of course it's all changed so much in 45 years that 1961 seems like another world: just one example is the death of analogue recording - we now use a networked computer system for everything.

We had a few drinks in the office to celebrate - it seemed worth celebrating - and then I got on with an ordinary day's work - transmissions in Turkish, Romanian and Ukranian. Of course casuals don't get the glamourous jobs (what glamourous jobs?...) but even so on an occasional basis, and not having to worry about rotas or leave (or night shifts, which I don't do any more) it's still interesting to do and (mostly) I do still enjoy it.

Posted: Mon - September 25, 2006 at 09:17 PM by Roger Wilmut          



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