Politicians in the studio

Mentioning de-umming and recording foreign politicians in my post of October 6th reminds me of some of the visiting politicians I've recorded in the studio. One African gentleman brought his bodyguards, who insisted on going into the studio with him rather than staying in the cubicle, and a thicker-looking collection of overweight goons it would be difficult to imagine. I wonder whether they were armed.

On one occasion I was sent to a studio to record, I was informed, a Latin American guerilla. I went down expecting to find a large bearded gentleman with dark glasses and a beret. In fact he was a small, dapper gentleman with gold-rimmed glasses, a very expensive suit, and an excellent command of English, who answered exactly the questions he wanted to answer and very neatly side-stepped the rest. Obviously a political guerilla.

And in a scene almost exactly replicating one in Nigel Balchin's novel The Small Back Room (where a visiting Minister is being shown advanced wartime technology but only shows any interest in an ordinary adding machine) we had a VIP visitor who sat in during a transmission of our hour-long live magazine programme Outlook. We gave him something interesting to watch: it was quite an exciting show, with live interviewees and a couple of live items coming in over landline: at at the end of it the only thing he could think to comment on was the fact that elapsed time counters on the two tape recorders on which we'd been recording the transmission had got out of sync by 2 seconds (which is normal enough, given manufacturing tolerances and slippage). He seemed to think he was making a rather shrewd observation. Worrying, really.

Posted: Thu - October 19, 2006 at 08:52 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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