Hearts of the World

Director D.W.Griffith is best known for 'Birth of a Nation' and 'Intolerance': his 1918 World War One epic 'Hearts of the World' is rarely seen: last week the London Film Festival at the National Film Theatre presented the first UK screening of a newly restored print with tinting and the original intertitles. Like most restorations, it comes from several sources and the print quality is variable, but the best sections are impressive - very sharp and clear and hardly marked with the passage of almost 90 years.

The film was originally intended as propaganda to bring the USA into the War (though by the time of its release the USA was in anyway): in the end it is a love story mixed with anti-war (and of course strong anti-German) propaganda. It was claimed that much of the film was shot at the front in France, but in fact only occasional establishing shots of troop movements and guns firing are genuine, and the actors were (wisely) kept well away from the conflict.


Posted: Mon - November 6, 2006 at 08:32 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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