Happy Birthday, Weblog

oday is the first anniversary of Wilmut's World Wide Weblog. I read somewhere that the average life of a blog is about three months, so I suppose reaching a year is some sort of achievement.

I started this blog largely as a technical experiment, to find out what a weblog really was and how the technical side worked. After doing some research I decided to use iBlog, a Mac program, rather than one of the online services: there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, but on the whole I'm happy with the choice. Of course the technical issues have pretty well been ironed out by now, leaving me with the real problem of a weblog - finding something to write about.

I aimed for two entries a week, mixing reviews of concerts or (mostly old) films I've seen with comments and reminiscences about my BBC career and my hobbies, and some photos both that I've taken and from my grandfather's negatives: I decided to avoid the very personal sort of post (had a bad cold, that sort of thing).

The total number of posts (including this one) has reached 111 - this includes 11 for podcasts which have been listed in the weblog for convenience. I subscribe to a free service supplied by StatCounter, which counts page hits and provides a list of recent pageloads. One interesting thing to emerge is that though very few people are following the weblog on even a marginally regular basis, many people come to it from links in Google, very often to quite old entries. There has been particular interest in the post about Louise Brooks, and also about the late Peter Copeland's home disc-cutting studio.

How long can I keep it going? I suppose eventually I shall run out of things to write about, at least other than the concerts (and these get very thin in the summer); but for the time being I will try to keep it going. Thinking of things to write about is a useful mental exercise, if nothing else. Between that and the cranberry juice I hope to avoid the onset of senility.

Posted: Fri - May 4, 2007 at 08:32 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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