This weblog has been running for over a year now - since May 4th 2006 in fact - and I felt like a makeover - at least a bit of a redesign. I didn't want to alter the actual weblog layout, which had taken quite a lot of work in the first place: but by using external style sheets I was able to make the background a bit more pretty. By placing the weblog in a fixed width area I was able to prevent the reshaping that occurs when different window sizes are used (I worked on the assumption that no-one is using less than 1024 width these days): I filled the outside area with a pattern and added a paper-type background to the weblog area. The idea was to maintain the very vaguely medieval look (all right, I know it looks more like something out of Shrek).

It all seems to render correctly on a Mac and on Windows, except that Internet Explorer on Windows seems to have problems with the coloured background to photo and podcast entries, often not rendering it until you have scrolled it off-screen and back again (and often not properly then) - since the code is OK I can only assume it's a bug in Internet Explorer (IE on a Mac works perfectly well).

I applied a similar process to the external 'more' and photo pages, except that in the latter case the large versions of the photos already almost filled a 1024 width screen: so if your screen is wider than 1100 pixels you will see the frame, but if it's smaller then you won't, you just get the background.

Posted: Mon - July 16, 2007 at 08:57 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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