Sometimes everything goes wrong (3)

Slips of the tongue are the constant bane of an announcer or newsreader's life. Some years back, a lady announcer was reading the closing announcement to a programme about technological developments, including a new kind of fork lift truck. However, what she said was 'Torque lift f***'... fortunately she didn't realise what she'd said, or she'd have had terminal giggles.

And in Sports Roundup another announcer had to read a long list of results in table tennis, involving a lot of Chinese names and places. He finished by announcing that the final would be played in Wo King (meaning Woking in Surrey).

And one unfortunate French newsreader spoonerized 'la grande population du Cape' (the large population of the Cape) into 'la grande copulation du Pape'... well, 'Pape' is Pope, so you can take it from there.

Posted: Sat - August 4, 2007 at 08:56 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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