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Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine is elegantly designed and has many RealAudio streams of 78s.


There is more information on old records at the WOLVERINE ANTIQUE MUSIC SOCIETY, including addresses of some American manufacturers of variable speed turntables and other goodies.

RecordFinders in Virginia, USA, sells collectable 78s, 45s, LPs, and can transfer your 78s to CD for you.

The Red Hot Jazz Archive has a large collection of classic jazz recordings in RealAudio.


The BHMS "strives to preserve the history of Music Hall and Variety, and to recall the artistes who were part of that scene. It also continues to actively support and encourage the entertainers of the Present."
Members receive a copy of the Society's own magazine - The Call Boy - which is published four times a year

The Max Miller Appreciation Society celebrates the king of stand-up comics.

There exists, believe it or not, GPS(which conjures up a vague image of boiling pans and Kilner jars) dedicated to collecting Goon Shows and material pertaining to them.

At the National Sound Archive in London, part of the British Library, you can hear anything from their huge audio collection, browse their on-line catalogue, or use their reference library. They also offer technical services for a fee.


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