Following on from the jazz mock-up I posted on August 29th, I have now done some more experimenting with Apple's GarageBand music program. It amuses me to use all this modern software and hardware to create a pastiche of popular music of 80 years ago - in this case the Bix Beiderbecke/Frankie Trumbauer small groups of the late 1920s: which is why this piece is called The Bix Mix.

All the instruments are created in software (no Apple loops were used this time), either from instruments already in GarageBand, QuickTime Instruments, or Soundfonts, and were played on an Evolution MK149 keyboard (the piano solo was played on a Yamaha digital piano - used only as a MIDI keyboard - because it has the full 88 keys).

3 mins 37 secs, 5 MB (stereo)

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Roger Wilmut