Jam Session in the Garage

Not a real garage, but Apple's 'GarageBand' program. This is an inexpensive way for people to get into the computer generation of music, rather than struggling with complex (and expensive) programs such as Logic or Cubase. I made a music file as an experiment: it's a none-too-serious fast blues as played by a big band, using instrumental sounds in the computer which I played using an external keyboard (see the picture), together with a few of the large collection of looped musical phrases included with the program, which can be used to make up musical sections - in this case the drums and the brass section backing. I don't claim it's a masterpiece - particularly the sax (Coleman Hawkins it isn't) - but it's an interesting demonstration of what can be done with a relatively cheap program.

The piece is called 'Rich Buddy Blues' as a tribute to bandleader and master drummer Buddy Rich: click here to listen to it.

Click here to see a large version of the photo .

Posted: Tue - August 29, 2006 at 09:38 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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