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This page demonstrates how the various tags in a podcast feed appear in the iTunes Store and in iTunes (in OSX 10.14 and earlier) when subscribing.
Click on a tag to see its position in a sample basic feed and some additional information.



The main image which appears in the 'My Podcast' view is taken from the tag in the feed as in the Store page.

For information on how to embed images in the media files please see
this page.

Other tags:

<language> - the language of your podcast.

<itunes:explicit> - if 'true' an 'explicit' graphic will appear for the episode so tagged or for the entire podcast: if 'false' a "Clean' graphic will show.

<copyright> - does not appear.

<itunes:keywords> - this tag is no longer in use

<itunes:owner> - does not appear, is included for contact purposes only.

<enclosure> - carries the URL of the media file for the episode. This must be a full URL including the http:// and the server name.

<guid> - a unique text string used to identify each episode as separate from the others. The URL of the media file can be used.

<itunes:order> - does not appear: used to over-ride the default order of episodes in the Store.

<itunes:new-feed-url> - does not appear: is used to redirect iTunes to a new URL, enclosed in the tag, and should only be used when a redirect is required.


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