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This page demonstrates how the various tags in a podcast feed appear in Apple Podcasts in OSX  when browsing and subscribing.
Click on a tag to see its position in a sample basic feed and some additional information.



For information on how to embed images in the media files please see
this page.

The <itunes:subtitle> tag is not displayed in either case, and the <itunes:title> for the episode is not displayed when subscribing,
The <itunes:duration> tag is rounded to the nearest whole minute.

Embedded images in the file are displayed only in the small area at the top of the window.

Other tags:

<language> - the language of your podcast.

<itunes:explicit> - if 'true' an 'explicit' graphic will appear for the episode so tagged or for the entire podcast: if 'false' a "Clean' graphic will show.

<copyright> - does not appear.

<itunes:keywords> - this tag is no longer in use

<itunes:owner> - does not appear, is included for contact purposes only.

<enclosure> - carries the URL of the media file for the episode. This must be a full URL including the http:// and the server name.

<guid> - a unique text string used to identify each episode as separate from the others. The URL of the media file can be used.

<itunes:order> - does not appear: used to over-ride the default order of episodes in the Store.

<itunes:new-feed-url> - does not appear: is used to redirect iTunes to a new URL, enclosed in the tag, and should only be used when a redirect is required.


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