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Four years and one day ago I posted the first entry in this weblog: 384 entries later I feel it's time to call a halt. It was actually started largely as a technical exercise so that I could fully understand what a weblog was and how it works: they were relatively unfamiliar territory at that time, though since then everyone and his dog seems to have one and journalists are saying that they are so last year. I suppose that Twitter is the current fad, though I can't raise any enthusiasm for announcing to the world that I'm eating my lunch/going for a walk/watching TV etc. etc.

Returning to the weblog: I've posted all the anecdotes from my BBC career I can think of (at least those which aren't libellous), I've reviewed numerous concerts, and put up a number of photos and a few recordings. With the concert season coming to an end (nothing much happens over the summer unless you feel like trekking over to the Royal Albert Hall for the Proms) and nothing more in that line booked until late September, I think that I should quit while I'm ahead (if I am).

I shall leave the entire blog up for the time being - people do come to some of the entries via Google (the 1935 photo of the Afsluitdijk in Holland seems popular for some reason). My thanks to the handful of people who have subscribed or followed it to some extent; I hope it's been entertaining.

Posted: Wed - May 5, 2010 at 10:24 AM by Roger Wilmut          



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