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Pertinent Questions about Apple's online service.

Moving iCloud calendars between 'On My Mac' and iCloud

Restoring iCloud calendars from Time Machine or other backup

iCloud and app-specific passwords

iCloud and Snow Leopard

Entering iCloud email settings manually in Snow Leopard or Leopard

Entering iCloud email settings manually in Tiger

iCloud on Android

A four-page article on alternatives to facilities which are Missing in iCloud

Though not strictly part of iCloud (despite Apple's linking the two in their publicity) this article examines the differences between Apple Music, iTunes Match and the iTunes Store.


How do I make a podcast?

How tags appear in the iTunes Store and when subscribing.

Also how to diagnose a podcast feed.

Why don't my podcast episodes show the podcast image?


Apple's 'iWork' set of programs - Pages, Numbers and Keynote - have been updated to versions designed to be compatible with the iOS versions and have had many facilities removed as a result. Many users are therefore considering looking for alternative programs and this article considers options for word processing and spreadsheets.



Numbers and conclusion


Apple's Office suite 'AppleWorks' has been 'end-of-lifed' for some years, and will not work on OSX Lion. This 7-page article provides information on migrating from AppleWorks to other programs


An essay on wireless networks, especially on security

An essay on Airport, distribution of IP numbers, and 'Bridge Mode'

Information about migrating from the Palm Desktop to a Mac

How to burn a multiple session ('appendable') CD-ROM in Mac OSX (works with non-re-writeable CDs).

How to set up File Sharing in Mac OSX

How to turn a text file into a speech recording in Mac OSX (contains code for copying and a downloadable Applescript)

What can websites I visit tell about me?

Apple's online 'MobileMe' service closed in July 2012. Some of its facilities have been taken over by iCloud; but the iDisk, website hosting and Gallery have been deleted. More details in R.I.P. MobileMe.


How to create web pages for the iPhone (five page article)

How to embed an MP3 audio file into a web page without bringing up dialog boxes in Windows.

How to create a pop-up MP3 player

How to embed a Quicktime movie into a web page without bringing up dialog boxes in Windows.

(These pages contain code for copying and download, and pop-ups, which will not work as intended on a mobile device.)


How to produce a curved shadow to a photograph

How to produce a photograph with a fading reflection



Apple's GarageBand program has excellent MIDI and audio facilities at track level but its mixing is a bit primitive: I have detailed a method for recording in GarageBand but mixing in Cubase LE.

I have listed the major control codes sent by the M-Audio iControl to GarageBand.


Notes on the reproduction of 78rpm records

Owners of Sky's PVR, the Sky+, often ask why the films on the Sky Movies channels (which have Dolby Digital soundtracks where applicable) are so much quieter than programmes on other channels.

Dynamic compression of audio is a confusing subject and I have written a note explaining the terminology.

A 6-page illustrated article on the Principles of Audio Noise Reduction containing embedded audio.


An illustrated review of this mid-range keyboard - this 7 page article contains embedded audio and video.

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